Wind runners
Puffin landing Gannets on the Bass Rock Horses Fading out
Reef odyssey

Wildlife Originals
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Barn owl hunting Barn owl hunting
Image size (unframed) 41 x 42cm
Price framed 650
Woodpecker reflected Woodpecker reflected
Image size (unframed) 18 x 23cm
Price framed 495
A huddle of long-tailed tits A huddle of long-tailed tits
Image size (unframed) 24 x 14cm
Price framed 450
Through the blizzard Through the blizzard
Image size (unframed) 41 x 22cm
Price framed 550
Emergent Emergent
Image size (unframed) 84 x 83cm
Price framed 1750
Image size (unframed) 21 x 29cm
Price framed 450
Eider take-off Eider take-off
Image size (unframed) 29 x 20cm
Price unframed 350
Great crested grebes Great crested grebes
Image size (unframed) 40 x 27cm
Price framed 550
Snow leopard Snow leopard
Image size (unframed) 119 x 83cm
Price unframed 1350
Feeding the fledglings
Image size (unframed) 34 x 27cm
Price framed 595
Free again
Image size framed  184 x 84cm
Price framed 2500
Eider flight Eider flight
Image size (unframed) 80 x 30cm
Price framed 1350
Puffin hanging in the wind Puffin hanging in the wind
Image size (unframed) 29 x 41cm
Price framed 595
Back with the catch
Back with the catch
Image size (unframed) 37 x 57cm
Price framed 695
Arctic skua Arctic skua
Image size (unframed) 28 x 31cm
Price framed 395
Gannets on the Bass Rock
Gannets on the Bass Rock
Image size (unframed) 49 x 59cm
Barn owl perched Barn owl perched
Image size (unframed) 27 x 37cm
Price framed 550
Avocet flight Avocet flight
Image size (unframed) 29 x 33cm
Price framed 250
Goldeneye Goldeneye
Image size (unframed) 40 x 30cm
Price framed 550
One winter's morning One winter's morning
Image size (unframed) 54 x 38cm
Price framed 550
Lily trotter Lily trotter
Image size (unframed) 84 x 60cm
Long-tailed duck Long-tailed duck
Image size (unframed) 21 x 25cm
Shells (ringed plover)
Image size (unframed) 37 x 71cm
Price framed 1250
Reef shoal Reef shoal
Image size (unframed) 60 x 84 cm
Price framed 1350
Follow the leader Follow the leader
Image size (unframed) 70 x 20cm
Price framed 650
Following the line Following the line
Image size (unframed) 114 x 23cm
Price framed 795
Flurry Flurry
Image size (unframed) 29 x 100cm
Oystercatchers Oystercatchers
Image size (unframed) 106 x 29cm
Price framed 1450
Haul out
Haul out on Loch na Culce
Image size (unframed) 93 x 37cm
Price framed 750
Resting up Resting up
Image size (unframed) 52 x 25cm
Price framed 450

Peaks and troughs Peaks and troughs
Image size (unframed) 43 x 36cm
Price framed 595
Winter robin Winter robin
Image size (unframed) 42 x 29cm
Price framed 395
Lying on the sand On the sand
Image size (unframed) 89 x 41cm
Eurasian otter Eurasian otter
Image size (unframed) 42 x 16cm
Price framed 395